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14.0kW - (ARTG54LHTC) Fujitsu Ducted Inverter Air Conditioner - INSTALLED
  • 14.0kW - (ARTG54LHTC) Fujitsu Ducted Inverter Air Conditioner - INSTALLED

    Fujitsu ducted air conditioning provides you with a crucial part of modern living; the ability to control the climate in your home, office or commercial premises at the touch of a button. Fujitsu have a range of ducted air conditioners that can suit any project that requires more precise climate control. With a Single Phase - High Static range starting from 9.0Kw all the way up to 15.8Kw and optional three phase models available, Fujitsu covers most applications.

    Fujitsu ducted air conditioners have models that are suitable for bulkheads, slimline models and high static models. There systems have Inverter technology, reverse cycle heating and cooling, are high in efficiency and provide low noise airflow. They are also capable of being zoned to provide lower running costs.
    • Fujitsu 14.0kW Ducted Reverse Cycle Inverter Air Conditioner - 12 x Outlets & 6 Zones/Areas - INSTALLED**


      Eg: would suit average 4 x 2 home with study, games & theatre (approx)



      • Whole home cooling and heating
      • Easy to use wired controller (UTY-RVNYN) - Back Lit
      • Inverter DC motor efficiency - Low running costs
      • Reverse cycle heating & cooling
      • High Static - Increased outlets
      • Single Phase - Reduced install costs
      • 24 Hour timer
      • Blue Fin heat exchanger - Corrosion resistant
      • Australian Made - Advantage Air duct components



      Please email us your house plans for a detailed quote and duct design layout.


      **Prices are an indication only and is subject to final design layout to suit your property. Based on single storey, brick and tile, timber framed roof space.

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