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Wall Split system air conditioner not working or error codes coming up?


Air conditioners break down and sometime its an easy fix and othertimes it can be major like faulty compressor etc.


Our call out / inspection service gets one of our trained air conditioning technicians out to inspect and find out what the cause is. We will then quote for the parts or items required to rectify / repair your air conditioner. In some cases a simple reset is all it takes (See additional info for tips to reset)


If the air conditioner is over 12-15 years old in some cases its cheaper and wiser to replace the AC unit for a newer model with a new 5 year warranty. Again our technicians can discuss this with you when quoting for parts.


Call out / Inspection includes the first 45 mins to diagnose fault.


NOTE: If your air conditioner is working but just needs an annual clean and once over then select our SPLIT SYSTEM SERVICE option

  • How to reset a wall split system air conditioner?

    If your AC unit is not responding or has flashing lights on the indoor unit, its best to complete a system reset first before calling in a service / inspection. The system reset will normally rectify the situation 90% of the time.

    STEP 1:

    Power needs to be be turned off to the specific AC unit via the weather proff isolator switch located near the outdoor unit or via the circuit breaker in your mains meter board normally located at the front side of your home or behind a small panel if in an apartment. Find the Circuit marked AC or AIRCOND and swithc this off for at least 10-15mins. (Make sure there is no lights on the indoor unit or you can not switch on using the controller)

    STEP 2:

    After 10-15 mins switch power back on to specific unit, the front louvers on the indoor unit should open and close and/or lights will come on the panel of the indoor unit. Turn the AC unit on via your remote and put into cooling mode and the lowest temp setting (ie: 18 degrees) and let it go through its diagnostic stage which can take up to 5-8 mins (if its in winter change to heating and the highest temp setting - 28-30 degrees)

    STEP 3:

    After 5-8 mins your AC unit should either be working and the outdoor unit fan should be running - Happy Days.

    If its not doing anything usual and the lights start flashing again then there is something more that requires attention or repair. At this point order online or call to book in and turn the power back off on the AC unit until a technician can get out to inspect.

    Hope that helps you get out of a sticky situation...

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