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  • CONDENSATE PUMP | Split System

    Condensate water pumps are designed to pump water up and outside from condensation built up in your head unit during cooling mode. Depending on the humidity, wall split systems can produce up to 2L of water an hour.


    Most standard back to back installations dont require a condensate pump as the drain is plumbed directly outside. The Condensate pump is required when installing the head unit on an internal wall or when the pipework is run up through the roof space. This is also common in cellars or below ground installs if there is no drainage point.


    Condensate pumps are also used in alot of commercial air conditioning situations as the water needs to be pumped up onto teh roof to drain off.

    Condensate pumps require annual servicing and only come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.


    Price is for supply and installation per condensate pump.

    Pumps will vary from application to application - pics for illustration purposes only

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