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MyLights - Stand Alone LED Lighting Package - 12 x Downlights
  • MyLights - Stand Alone LED Lighting Package - 12 x Downlights

    MyLights – Remote controlled lighting


    Discover the comfort of remote controlled lighting, with the MyLights smart LED lighting system and touch screen. Introducing another innovative solution from Advantage Air, MyLights allows you to control your home lighting easily from your smartphone or the MyPlace touch screen.


    Smart lighting made easy and affordable

    MyLights can be controlled from multiple devices. You can use your mobile with Advantage Air’s MyPlace app to control the lighting of any room, or the 8-inch colour Android tablet that comes with the installation. This is all run on your home WiFi, or via mobile data on your smartphone.


    What can MyLights do for my home?

    MyLights is flexible, as the system is custom tailored to suit your home and lifestyle. There are a few ways you can customise MyPlace to make your life easier. You can set “groups” which controls multiple lights in one place. For example, your living room, or your kitchen and dining area. The app also allows you to create “scenes” in which you predefine your preferred light settings for particular lifestyle scenario’s, like movie nights, dinner parties, children’s night lighting, and more.


    Supreme energy efficiency

    Even at 100% brightness, LEDs are incredibly energy efficient compared to halogen lights. On top of these already efficient bulbs, there is the added option of the MyEco function, built into the MyLights system. When activated, this feature automatically dims all lights to 80% brightness. This won’t be very noticeable; however you’ll notice a big difference on your electricity bill!


    Dimming your smart lights

    With the ability to adjust every LED MyLight in your home without getting up, comes smart energy savings. For instance, if you dim your smart lights to 50%, you’re running near zero power, which means you’re saving dollars in the long run. 




    • Whats included in this stand alone package:

      • MyLights Touchscreen Panel

      • 12 x LED Lights - Silver or White surrounds 

      • 1 x Lights Module / 1 x Stand Alone Kit

      • Cables - 6M Green

    Choose your Colour
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