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SERVICE | Split System

SERVICE | Split System

Wall Split System air conditioner not cooling as great as it used too or just needs its annual service / maintenance clean.


Air conditioners require regular maintenance to maintain cooling and heating through the year, the filters inside your head unit collects dust from inside your house, once they become blocked or restricted so does the airflow which will increase running costs. Servicies should be done at least every 12 months.


Split system std service clean / maintenance includes:

  • Removal and cleaning of all indoor filters
  • Coil clean and protectant spray
  • Indoor and outdoor wipe down and inspection
  • Drain line and tray rinse.
  • System reset and retest


If your split system is very dirty or hasnt been serviced in over 24 months we recommend a deep clean service whcih includes all the above plus:

  • Heavy duty high pressure indoor coil and fan blade clean and rinse (Brings back to as new)
  • Complete drain pan and drain line clean and flush


NOTE: Servicing / Maintenance cleans does not fix faulty units, if your AC is not working or has flashing lights on the front we recommend you select CALL OUT / INSPECTION so we can find the fault and quote on the parts to fix or repair etc.

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