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HITACHI - 5.0kW - S Series
  • HITACHI - 5.0kW - S Series

    HITACHI - S Series Premium Inverter wall split system air conditioners 


    As part of Hitachi’s commitment to constant improvement, we looked for an unprecedented need in our product offering that would allow us to improve our customer experience and create a point of difference that would set us apart.


    We identified that unmet need as cleanliness..


    Self-Cleaning Technology

    The new Hitachi 'S' Series range of split systems offers many innovative features, from enhanced energy efficiency, to airflow control and ultra-quiet operation.

    FrostWash addresses an issue that had long stumped the air conditioning industry - how to effectively and efficiently clean the inside of room air conditioning units.

    With FrostWash, a revolutionary new cleaning technology, you can depend on cleaner, fresher air all year round.

    When no motion is detected, the system cools the heat exchanger down to -15° C forming a thin layer of frost from the moisture within the air.

    While the frost is being formed, it lifts dust particles, mould and bacteria off the heat exchanger and traps it. Once an adequate layer of frost has been formed, the system then melts the ice, flushing away the trapped dust particles, mould and bacteria hygienically through the drain pan.

    The unit then thoroughly dries the surfaces inside the unit before resuming normal operation.

    A clean heat exchanger not only keeps your unit operating at optimal efficiency but also keeps the air in your home fresher and cleaner.

    Premium Features

    The S-Series comes with a suite of unique features such as built-in Motion Sensor with motion detect eco mode, Eco Sleep mode, leave home function and weekly scheduling capabilities.

    Motion-detect Eco Mode allows the unit to adapt its temperature settings depending on people’s absence or presence - saving you power.


    Boosted Energy Efficiency

    Premium S-Series Hitachi Wall mounted split systems have increased energy efficiency and improved energy star ratings for even more power-saving operation. 

    The Eco Motion sensor can automatically detect if there are individuals occupying a room and if the room becomes vacant, your air conditioner will adjust the temperature accordingly to conserve energy.

    FrostWash mode can be activated to keep the heat exchanger clean and reduce power usage even further.

    • HITACHI - 5.0kW Split System Inverter Air Conditioner RAS-S50YHAB



      • FROST WASH Technology
      • Air Purifying Filter
      • Sleep Mode
      • Built in motion sensor
      • Stylish controller with Power Consumption Tracking 
      • Inverter DC motor efficiency
      • Reverse cycle heating & cooling
      • 4 Way Directional Auto Airflow
      • R32 Refrigerant
      • 6 year warranty
      • Optional - Aircloud wifi controller
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