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HITACHI - 6.0kW - E Series
  • HITACHI - 6.0kW - E Series

    HITACHI - E Series Inverter wall split system air conditioners 


    Efficient and sleek design with flexible features that provide comfort all year round.
    Hitachi E-series split system wall mounted air conditioners offer a contemporary solution for all applications.


    The new Hitachi 'E' Series range of split systems offers many innovative features, from enhanced energy efficiency to airflow control and ultra-quiet operation. 

    Fresher Air with Hitachi Air Conditioning:

    Hitachi's Wasabi Nano Titanium filter uses particles of Wasabi root to remove up to 99% of the most common mites, bacteria and allergens, as well as bad odours.Your Hitachi air conditioning filter is packed with a hybrid coating of Nano Titanium and wasabi solution which provides a powerful antibacterial, anti-mould, anti-allergen and deodorising effect, reducing bacteria and allergen levels.


    Rapid Cooling or Heating for all seasons:

    Powerful Mode will run your system at maximum output for 20-minutes, projecting airflow further and faster to cool or heat a room rapidly.

    Hitachi air conditioners can operate in outside temperatures down to as low as -15˚C and as high as 46˚C, ensuring you stay comfortable when you need it.


    Whisper Quiet Air Conditioners:

    With the newly improved seamless fan control system, Hitachi's air conditioners assure extremely quiet and smooth fan speed changes for even more comfort.

    At 22dBA, our quietest noise level is more serene than a soft whisper.*

    (*RAS-E25YHA sleep mode)

    • HITACHI - 6.0kW Split System Inverter Air Conditioner RAS-E60YHAB



      • FROST WASH Technology
      • Air Purifying Filter
      • Sleep Mode
      • Blue Fin Heat Exchanger - Corrosion Resistant
      • 12 Hour ON/OFF Timer 
      • Inverter DC motor efficiency
      • Reverse cycle heating & cooling
      • 4 Way Directional Auto Airflow
      • R32 Refrigerant
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